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Plastic boxes and container systems

White plastic boxes (solid) All three types can be stacked.

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1) Big type ( Ref. no. : A 101 ) 

Height: 260mm 

Length: 785mm 

Width: 400mm 

2) Medium type ( : C 142 ) 

Height: 200mm 

Length: 595mm 

Width: 345mm 

3) Small type ( : C 141 ) 

Height: 170mm 

Length: 455mm 

Width: 325mm

Black plastic boxes ( solid )  
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1) Big type ( Ref. no. : NS 120 ) 

Height: 250mm 

Length: 515mm 

Width: 435mm

The big type can only be nested

 into each other, not stackable.

2) Medium type ( Ref. no. : SB 60 ) 

Height: 190mm 

Length: 450mm 

Width: 300mm 

The medium type can be stacked. 


3) Small type ( Ref. no. : SB 20 ) 

Height: 105mm 

Length: 360mm 

Width: 240mm 

The small type can be stacked


Black plastic tray (ventilated)

Black plastic box (ventilated)

Adjustable blue plastic boxes 

( ventilated )

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Standard type ( Ref. no. : A 110 ) 

Height: 160mm 

Length: 590mm 

Width: 415mm






Standard type ( : J 475 )

 Height: 250mm 

Length: 500mm 

Width: 320mm






This type of box, can be assembled according to customer's needs. Each section has a height of 130mm, which can be stacked on top of the other container section, and is held together with plastic rivets. 

Three stacked type 

( : A 132 ) 

Height: 390mm 

Length: 695mm 

Width: 485mm

Red plastic box with lid ( solid )

Bread plastic tray ( ventilated )


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Standard type with lid 

( Ref. no. : A 135 ) 

Height: 400mm 

Length: 700mm 

Width: 395mm






Standard type 

( Ref. no. : BR 100 ) 

Height: 125mm 

Length: 500mm 

Width: 415mm






(Ref. no. : Poly 480 ) 

Suitable for abattoirs, butcheries, agricultural shows, cold rooms, caravan sites, changing rooms, dairies, engineering companies, food manufacturers, showers, swimming pools, etc. Has many advantages over wooden boards. Cannot rot, cannot splinter, is non-absorbent, hygienic, easily cleaned, has great strength. Unaffected by most chemicals and provides good electrical insulation. Provides comfortable standing and reduces operator fatigue. Prevents cold and wet feet. All separate sections are easily clamped together by hand, to form one complete unit. 

Dimensions: 480mm long x 480mm wide x 20mm high

Collapsible Plastic Bin

The bin is stackable, thus saving on warehouse space. The addition of a drop door allows for access to bottom bins when bins are stacked on top of each other. Units are available with solid sides and one or two drop door derivatives. The easy operation of the bin allows for one operator handling. The four way entry allows for use with most pallet jacks and forklifts. Available in two different heights, as detailed below.

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Wall-mounted plastic container system  ( Ref no. : easy bin 100 )

H Koglin Eng 124 copyright.jpg (25869 bytes) This system can be mounted on a wall or can be stacked on a shelf. A mobile steel panel on castors is also available. 


Panel sizes

a) 450mm high x 500mm wide 

b) 900mm high x 500mm wide 

c) 1400mm high x 500mm wide 

d) 1800mm high x 500mm wide

Bin sizes: 

a) 135mm long x 105mm wide x 75mm high 

b) 190mm long x 105 mm wide x 75mm high 

c) 210mm long x 140mm wide x 130mm high 

d) 280mm long x 140mm wide x 130mm high 

e) 280mm long x 210mm wide x 180mm high 

f) 375mm long x 210mm wide x 180mm high 

g) 375mm long x 420mm wide x 180mm high

Plastic drums
H Koglin Eng 126 copyright.jpg (23741 bytes) Two types of plastic drums are available: a) open - head drum b) closed - head drum Colour: all available in blue or black. 

210 litre plastic drum ( Ref. no. : PD 210 ) 

100 litre plastic drum ( Ref. no. : PD 100 ) 

50 litre plastic drum ( Ref. no. : PD 50 ) 

25 litre plastic drum ( Ref. no. : PD 25 )


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